University Chapters

Starting and being a member of a university chapter is a great way to get experience in the fields of journalism, marketing/advertising, event planning and social media while still in school. We can also work with you to get course credit if you are an officer!

Some of the perks include:

Getting published on
Discount codes to The Quirk Shop and our favorite brands
-Getting paid through The Quirk Shop affiliate program
-Participating in nationwide competitions through Quirtkastic for chapter funding
-Press opportunities to attend events such as local Comic Cons, conferences and festivals
-Attend exclusive Quirktastic Media events

Responsibilities for chapter directors include:

-Recruiting your dream team of writers, video producers and marketers on campus
-Working with Quirktastic Content Editors and the University Chapter members to create an editor calendar
-Creating content on a weekly basis
-Coordinate both on and off campus events

The ideal chapter director of a Quirktastic University Chapter:

-is a self-proclaimed quirky person of color (Black or Latinx)
-has an interest in journalism, media and/or entrepreneurship
-has the leadership skills to lead a small content team