T-Shirt Shop 101: Bryanda of The Quirk Shop

T-Shirt Shop 101: Bryanda of The Quirk Shop


Welcome to T Shirt Shop 101: Your Step-By-Step-Guide To E-Commerce on Squarespace!

If you are just stumbling across this course, I am the founder (and website designer) of Quirktastic.co and we have launched an ecommerce shop on Squarespace called TheQuirkShop.com.

I decided to create this guide because when I first started looking into selling my own t-shirts on Squarespace, I felt like pulling my hair out because the process seemed so difficult. Now that I have been making sales from The Quirk Shop and have a better handle on the process, I thought it would be good to pay it forward!

In the guide, you will learn everything that you need to know to make your designs, put them on t-shirts for printing and ship them to your customers from your Squarespace site. Let’s jump right in!

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