This week I got to step outside of my hometown comfort zone and talk to a super talented and creative artist, ZenSoFly from Raleigh, NC. I had the opportunity to FaceTime her for this interview. Five minutes into the conversation and I could tell she was the epitome of quirky.

Photo credit: @carefreevisuals Photo credit: @carefreevisuals

Q: Tell me more about yourself since I’m not from Raleigh!
Zen: Sure. My name is ZenSoFly and I’m a creative over everything. I have my hands in visual art, music, fashion, and curating events in my city.

Q: Wow. Jane of all trades. I love it! Who/what inspires you to creative in so many fields?
Zen: Right now visuals from Belly and Tame Impala have caught my eye. Musically, Kehlani is KILLIN’ the game. Her whole style and sound is so unique. Fashion comes naturally to me. I love to thrift and repurpose my finds.

Photo credit: @carefreevisuals Photo credit: @carefreevisuals

Q: The American flag windbreaker you have on now is super cute! Enough about fashion. Let’s get to the music. I’m digging your debut EP Little Miss Perfect. Since Raleigh bestowed the Underground Princess crown upon you, do you feel like you’ve ‘made it’?
Zen: Definitely not yet. I’ll know I’ve made it when I can give back to my family and know that they’re taken care of. And when my 5-9 becomes my 9-5.

Q: I hear that! Here at Quirktastic we try to cater to the different sides of quirky millennials of color. Which Quirktastic millennial do you identify with the most?
Zen: Creativepreneur speaks to the hustler in me. I like taking all of my skills and making them work for me.

Photo credit: @carefreevisuals Photo credit: @carefreevisuals

Q: Last question before you adjust your tiara and get back to running the city. What’s your favorite personal quirk?
Zen: *laughs* I’ve always been able to entertain myself easily. I don’t need a lot of people around me to keep busy.

Check out ZenSoFly’s Little Miss Perfect on Soundcloud and follow her on Instagram.