The Best Vegan Bloggers To Follow As You Transition To Veganism


Have you ever considered becoming vegan? Before we dive in, let's start of with definitions of the difference between "vegetarian" and "vegan". A Vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, therefore some may still use eggs and consume dairy products. A Vegan is someone who does not eat any animal products (no meat, no dairy and no eggs).

Whether you are considering becoming vegan or just looking for inspiration for your "Meatless Mondays" here is a list of  bloggers and cookbook authors that make going vegan look easy:

 Jenne Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul

If you are afraid that going vegan means that your diet will be reduced to only fruits and vegetables, this is the channel for you! Her vegan soul food will make for both staples in your diet and impressive dishes when you invite your non-vegan friends over.

Monique of Brown Vegan

Vegan Blogger

Not only are Monique's recipes healthy, but they are simple to follow for the everyday family. My favorite aspect of Brown Vegan is that she has a podcast! Definitely tune in to get inside information on the benefits of going vegan.

Q of SoTrueQ

Vegetarian turned vegan, Q is the best role model for holistic health. If you are afraid to go vegan because you feel like you will loose your curves or your muscles, you have to subscribe. On hist channel you will find high protein and caloric meals, along with workout motivation (and a few random musings to keep it interesting!)

Esosa of Raw Girl in a Toxic World

Vegan Blogger

What draws me to this blog is how quirky and cool her personality is. She sees herself as a Raw Girl Superhero, saving a toxic world one vegan time at a time. She started the vegan lifestyle after struggling with acne, so this is a great place for tips on achieving healthy skin.

Martha and Kamaal of Veggie Soul Food

Vegan Blogger

Martha and Kamaal are a mother-daughter combo who cook for not only themselves, but also a husband and brother. I love their recipes because they include several meat alternatives and they look delicious!

Bryant Terry, Author of Afro-Vegan

Vegan Blogger

While Terry isn't a blogger, he has authored several books and tailors his recipes for those who enjoy a more flavorful and soulful taste. I love his fusions with Afro-Caribbean classics.

Tracye McQuirter of By Any Greens Necessary

Vegan Blogger

Yes. That is First Lady, Michelle Obama! McQuirter is definitely a vegan making moves. She has been featured in too many publications to list, as she is creator of the first African American vegan website. She also is author of the #1 Vegan Book on The Huffington Post. I'd definitely trust what she has to say.

Ayinde Howell of i Eat Grass

Vegan Blogger

Master chef, Ayinde is the creator behind "The Lusty Vegan" cookbook and an acclaimed culinary-event company. He works as a part of a time at and is also host of the online cooking show, "Like a Vegan". If you are wanting to cook to impress, his cookbook is the one for you.

Do you have any favorite vegan recipes? If so leave them in the comments!