How To Pull Off An Updo With An Affordable Wig


Recently, I've been experimenting with wigs after swearing that I would never wear faux hair and it has been so freeing. It's cool to temporarily experiment with different hair colors and lengths while protecting your natural hair.

One thing that gets in the way of me wearing wigs more often is the inability to wear my wigs in an updo so that I can keep the hair out of my face. I know that I'm not the only person that panics anytime that they have to bend forward while wearing a lengthy wig because they know that they are going to be greeted with a hair waterfall to the face. 

I came across a video from Timaloveslemons where she created "space buns" that keeps the hair from falling in her face, while also being absolutely adorable. I also discovered an unbelievable top knot done on a synthetic affordable wig by Kameron Monet. 

Have you experimented with wigs? Let us know your favorite ones below!

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