While today’s music can be great in certain situations, sometimes the trendy noise becomes too much for my spirit to take. 

Recently, I have rediscovered Bob Marley and it has replaced my silence. While most people play Marley while getting recreationally high, I’ve found his music to be a good supplement or complement to my meditation. While alive, he created that feel good, be aware, and rise up type of music that is hard to come by nowadays.

Check out 9 Bob Marley songs that I feel are almost as good as guided meditation.

1. Lively Up Yourself

This song feels like a friend determined to make you smile. It will nudge you, grab your hand,  spin you around on the dance floor and lead you in a coordinated dance.

2. Stir It Up

“It’s been a long, long time
Since I’ve got you on my mind
And now you are here, I say it’s so clear
See what we could do, honey”

3. Who Colt The Game

I can listen to this song everyday, especially in the world that we are living in today. You can hear so much relatable emotion emanating from Marley.

“Someone played the wrong domino
And want the world to follow
Someone is fillin’ their sack
In a completry? Black
Who colt the game
A you colt the game
Why you play the bad card
Now we catch you off guard”

4. Jamming

I feel like this one needs no introduction. Just rock from side to side and jam on.

5. Sun Is Shining

“When the morning gathers the rainbow
Want you to know I’m a rainbow too
So, to the rescue here I am
Want you to know just if you can”

6. Jah Live

“The truth is an offense but not a sin!
Is he who laugh last, children!
Is he who win
Is a foolish dog bark at a flying bird!
One sheep must learn, children!
To respect the shepherd!”

7. Is This Love

This song to me is somewhat of an affirmation to my future love and the discovery of it.

8. Positive Vibration

“If you get down and you quarrel everyday
You’re saying prayers to the devils, I say, wooh
Why not help one another on the way?
Make it much easier (just a little bit easier)
Say you just can’t live that negative way
You know what I mean
Make way for the positive day
’Cause it’s a new day
And it’s a new time
Yes, it’s a new feelin’
Said it’s a new sign
Oh, what a new day”

9. Three Little Birds

The classic swinging-on-a-hammock-on-a-carnival-cruise song. Even if you don’t recognize the name of the song, trust me you’ve heard it and it’s made you feel like everything little thing is going to be alright.

Which are your favorite Bob Marley songs when you need to relax?



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  • Gina

    Yes, yes. All of my uplifting tunes.
    I wasn’t feeling the greatest and then I read this post. I pressed play and although my problems haven’t been resolved, I feel much better than I did at the start.

    Thank you.

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