How badly do you wish that you could just leave your job (at least for vacation), jump on a plane and go somewhere that you only knew existed on a map? Well, people are doing it every single day. People that look like you.

Before becoming an active member of the internet, the idea of there being Black people who regularly traveled to exotic places to lands where the people looked nothing like them was baffling to me. I had never been out of the United States, except for Canada, and none of my Black friends ever bragged about spending summers in Europe, Asia or Africa like my non-Black friends.

Luckily, my eyes have been opened from that closed-minded perspective, as groups such as Nomadness and Travel Noire make it easy to see people that look like us fulfilling their wanderlust dreams.While not all of us have been able to fill up our passports with stamps, I’m sure that we all have dreams of travel. 

To help you actualize those dreams, I have decided to pull together travel journals from various Black travel bloggers that have been to the same place yet explored different experiences. 

Hopefully, the various stories of adventure will help you put together your own itinerary and will give you a different perspective on an ideal travel location.

This week, we explore Thailand.

Oneika from Oneika The Traveller explored Bangkok during her travels to Thailand.

Within the pages of Oneika’s travel journal

Gloria from The Blog Abroad also checked out Bangkok and breaks down every detail on how you can go to Thailand and ball on a budget.

Part of Thai culture and their unwavering attempts to show you the utmost respect, they will bow until they can bow no more. At one point, the lady bowed so hard, that she then resorted to kneeling on the ground and I was floored by her commitment. Get it? Floored?! Here all night, folks.

— Gloria

When I think of Bangkok, I can’t help but picture those magnificent skylines and skyscrapers stretching from all corners of the city. Bangkok is a very big city, and it’s filled with fascinating juxtapositions of slum neighborhoods next to well-developed and money-making shopping and eating complexes.

— Gloria

The best part about all of this, is that my days averaged out to $10 – $15 of spending a day. Outside of a couple clothing splurges on obligatory elephant pants and too-cute-for-words-patterned dresses, I was amazed at how far the dollar can stretch in Bangkok.

— Gloria

Erick of Minority Nomad has not only been to Bangkok, but also to Chiang Mai, a lesser known travel destination in Thailand.

Within the pages of Erick’s Travel Journal

I think that it’s time for you to put Thailand on your travel list this year. Where is the last place that you went on an adventure?




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  • Thirty30Courtney

    I love all three of these bloggers. I just went to Puerto Rico to bring in the new year and it was great decision.

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