Quirky Tech Talk: The "Upgrade Ya" Addition


Are you ready for your weekly dose of Nerdology? Let's go.

As someone who is immersed in the world of social media and technology, I sometimes forget just how much knowledge I've acquired compared to those who don't have online jobs. Household names to me are still not being recognized on a popular scale.

Therefore, every week I will be putting together features of some quirky creatives and techies that I think are killing the game, as well as some innovative businesses that you should definitely pay attention to. Be prepared to level up your life and expand your knowledge of all of the cool, slightly nerdy things going on online. Class is now in session!

Creators That We Can't Get Enough Of- Quinta Brunson

If you are a fan of BuzzFeed, Quinta B. is probably already a familiar face. The viral video creator turned developmental partner has been entertaining the digital world for years and continues to do so through with her most recent video project that she sold to YouTube Red called "Broke".

When I was in college at Temple University in Philadelphia, I became obsessed with Saturday Night Live and The Office. I thought the writing and performing was amazing, and I wanted to figure out how to do that.
— Quita Brunson

Check out the first episode of "Broke" below:

Innovative Business Love

Dreaming about updating your car so that you can get a backup camera? Well, now there is another solution. The tech company, Pearl has created RearVision, a device that easily snaps around your license pate and acts as a backup camera for any car model. The company's goal is to make modern technology available for older automobiles and this first product is definitely doing the trick.

Interested in the Pearl RearVision? See how it works on their site here

Links Of The Week:

-Looking for design and logo inspiration? Or want a new place other than Behance.net to show off your brand identity ideas? Check out Dribbble.

-We are loving this YouTube video called How to Overcome Self Doubt When No One Will Support Your Passion

Thanks for tuning in to this week's Quirky Tech Talk. See you next week for your dose of nerdology.