Meet Moogfest artist and producer, Suzi Analogue:

“Role model” are the first words that come to mind when Suzi Analogue’s name pops up. At first, these words seem contradictory for someone who is the CEO of the label, “Never Normal Records.” But, with the passion Analogue is pouring into the one-of-a-kind path she’s carved out for herself – role model is a snug fit once the term has been stripped of its restricting and conventional meaning.

So, why role model?

All of her moves, messages, and mantras come from an authentic place. Everything about her screams “I CARE”. This doesn’t happen by chance though. Analogue manages to take on various roles in the music industry, and still keep her bold identity in tact through creativity. She encourages women especially, to tap into their power and create to express themselves freely.

“The act of creating is bold because society often standardizes what women’s identity should consist of, and tells her what she can or cannot do. Creative expression challenges these molds head on and gives room for us to call the shots on how we want to be represented.”

Another noteworthy aspect of Analogue to justify her as a role model, is her dedication to creating a safe space for women in the music industry. Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Keke Palmer are a few women in the spotlight who have shared their own stories & Analogue’s experiences are no different.

The agency women receive as they own their light and decide to share it with the world makes men uncomfortable. Snobby attitudes, covert judgements, and blatant in-your-face disrespect are just a few consequences women face in male dominated spaces. Analogue actively speaks out against the unfair treatment of women and people who are “othered” in order to keep the conversation going.

The latest single to drop from this jen-of-all-trades Move/It/Off , is another extension of what she’s said in interviews and panel discussions.

“At a time like now where so many heavy realities are falling on the marginalized people of our society – of our world – this song is meant to be both a physical catharsis and a refusal of the inadequate solutions being fed to us, we have to move and towards something better.”

Lastly, Analogue’s receptivity to cultural influences puts her in the right spot for other creatives to model their work after. The consumer vs. creator dichotomy is a law of balance artists, creativepreneurs, and the like must abide by.

Although genres are soon to be a thing of the past, her music is best described as a crafty blend of an ethereal chopped, neo-soul, trap mixture with hints of the color pink. Technically, colors can’t be heard but Analogue’s discography transcends the average listening experience. In just one song there are a plethora of influences to point out. The blend of sounds can be accredited to her Baltimore roots, life in the melting pots of New York City and Toyko, & her time spent in the international Hip Hop initiative Next Level.

Simply put Suzi Analogue knows how to put in work. She’s been getting ready to drop ZONEZV.3 in the coming months and one can only imagine what this cultural enthusiast has been mixing up in her lab.

For now, enjoy some of her tunes on soundcloud + follow her on instagram, and check out the interview our Editor-In-Chief, Bryanda Law, conducted with Suzi last year.



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