1. My Introvert Battery Needs To Recharge

Aisha from @skinny_girl_fat_hair
Aisha from @skinny_girl_fat_hair

Does anyone have a charger? No? I’ll just go home.

2. I Just Want To Drink Tea, Create Stuff & Sleep

Is that too much to ask?

3. Let’s Break Plans

Oh, you need to cancel? How…glorious *birdman hand rub*

4. Homebody Homegirl

Because all that I really need in life is to be at home.

5. Don’t Talk To Me

Just because you got me out the house doesn’t mean that I have to participate in this conversation.

6. Socially Anxious Squad

Because people are weird.

7. I Hate Everything

…including this party.

8. Antisocial Sweetheart

I promise I’m nice…I just hate people.

9. I’m Always Tired

Don’t be offended if I…*yawn*

10. Maybe Tomorrow

…haha, just kidding. NEVER.

11. Introvert Girl Gang

Let’s all hang out…individually…at home.

12. Sorry I’m Late…

I’d rather be at home.

13. Whew, That Was Close

…I almost had to socialize. Oh wait…

14. I Am A Social Vegan

15. I Need My Space

16. I Just Want To Hang Out With My Dog

And my dog is at home, so…

17. It’s Too People-y

18. Highly Sensitive

To loud noises and strong personalities.

19. I Like To Party

This is the definition of party, no?

20. Please Go Away, I’m Introverting

21. I Came, I saw

…and now I want to go home.

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