Shinobi Ninja

Support and a strong dose of a healthy self-esteem are a few keys for a person to feel victorious along their journey. From the outside looking in, Shinobi Ninja are 6 people who have that, and more.

The self-proclaimed “hood rock” band are apart of the growing demographic who are “ouchea doing their own thing.”

While gaining independence from conventional society may not always be fun, Shinobi Ninja makes the job look super enjoyable. Their online presence is a subtle reminder to anyone who watches that the journey is more important than the outcome. After all success isn’t a finite place at the end of the road because life isn’t comprised of finite events, part of our experience is happening on a continuous flow.

Their support for one another can be felt through the band’s youtube page. It’s one thing for a friend to say they’re down for your cause but another to create content pushing for your exposure. There’s no doubt Shinobi Ninja upholds their collective vision by supporting the individuality of each member. Episodes on their channel focus on the lead singer, Baby G & her style,existential talks with Duke Sims, their DJ’s passion for bodybuilding, & a plethora of other behind-the-scenes goodies.

It’s clear to see entertainment from this group covers most points of the spectrum. From comedy to fashion, fitness, culture, & event a hint of motivational psychology, they make room for all of their light to shine through. Their proactivity in creating is admirable because the focus isn’t on digital marketing or pandering to an audience. Instead they choose to focus on authenticity, even if that comes with home-made videos & unedited bloopers.

Simply put, Shinobi Ninja is a group you should tune into if you’re building a life outside of conventional norms. With the rise of people quitting their jobs, dropping out of school, and starting fresh,  finding camaraderie, even from a distance makes all the difference.

Remember to keep it G, have faith, and to never stop having fun!

Check out Shinobi Ninja’s latest music videos & other content from their channel below.

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  • Ron-Nasty

    The song "2 yrs 10 months "– def has an early 2000s feel to it. Reminded me of an LFO + S Club 7 mashup. Yep, I def just told how old I am lol

  • Mary

    I love this band! Their music is right on and their style is the best! I’m so glad for their music and videos! Bless up y’all!

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