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  • Malak

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I comment on Instagram about quitting a [summer] job but would like to add that there are definitely times I would ask myself "how are people my age & in college have the time do what they want & to enjoy life?!" Definitely felt "stuck" in my feelings b/c I wasn’t happy with my life and routine even though I was doing things "right" (like being in school & working). It’s very comforting seeing & hearing other people’s (specifically black people) following their dreams & finding happiness & peace in the things they choose to do and commit to.

  • Ron

    Go girl! This reminds me of the idea that I am wanting to champion now and I would LOVE to see you do a piece on this…it’s called universal basic income. Check it out on youtube or this article on MotherJones. Universal Basic Income would solve alot of problems, especially the one you faced: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/06/hawaii-considers-radical-idea-to-make-life-in-paradise-a-little-easier-universal-basic-income/


    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was a strong advocate of a guaranteed income for everyone and no, this is NOT WELFARE. I believe that this idea is a huge part of why he was killed 🙁

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