Quirky Creatives To Follow This Week: Edition Six


by Keila Dumas

Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Creatives are everywhere! We never know when or where we are going to run into someone who shares the same love for creating. Then, there’s those that you find just casually scrolling through the popular feeds of your favorite social media sites. The energy is continuously circulating. Check out who we are following this week!

1. Jasmin Brown (WatchJazzy)

IG: @WatchJazzy | YouTube

If you’re on Instagram, you have probably come across a WatchJazzy video. Her hilariously witty car conversations are everything you need. Her candid skits and spiels are perfect topics for millennial conversation. Not only can you see her being funny on Instagram, she also has a YouTube channel that you can keep up with as well. The multi-talented writer, actress, and comedienne is also a part of the #NoFilterPodcast. Be sure to follow her and tell her we sent you!

2. Emmelie De La Cruz

IG/Twitter: @EmmelieDeLaCruz | Website

Meet Emmelie! She’s a part of our #BlkCreatives blogger family on Twitter, and is one of the best resources for tips on enhancing your personal brand. Emmelie not only answers questions and gives great advice through her website, she has also published the Sanity & Success Journal; an interactive journal to help you get your vision in order and see your ideas on paper come to life! We love Emmelie because she is down to put you on the right path to where you need to be, straight no chaser! Find her book on her website or Amazon and gift it to someone or yourself! You’ll be glad that you gave her a follow. 

3. Melanie and Rodney of “On My Grown: The Podcast”

Twitter: Melanie | Rodney

Have you ever just wanted to talk about what happens post-college when life is supposed to be at it’s peak? Well Melanie and Rodney of the “On My Grown: The Podcast,” have created a space to talk about all things adulting; conversations full of the good, the bad, and the funny all in one spot. Based in Atlanta, the two bring attention to the need for dialogue between millennial men and women of color. With topics such as “What are we too grown for?” and “Glo-ing Pains,’ they’re raw discussions bring light to subjects that everyone needs to talk about these days. This podcast is definitely one to tune in into on the regular! Be sure to give Melanie and Rodney a follow, and let them know what you think about On My Grown: The Podcast.

Who are you favorite creatives?