Usually, app updates come slow and steady… but Anchor likes to go against the grain.

Before I get too deep into this post, something tells me I should tell you what the heck Anchor even is, eh? Anchor is an interactive radio app that was founded in 2015, in a tiny apartment in New York City. At first, I dived right in and loved the concept of Anchor.

Essentially, it’s like a mixture of Twitter and podcasts. You listen to short audio clips and can actually respond back to whoever’s recorded audio clip you’ve listened to. And the best part about this is that anyone can record audio!

They make it as easy as possible for anyone to feel more confident with recording themselves (we all know how nerve-wrecking live videos and such can be!). There’s an epic feature where it’ll start recording your voice as soon as you lift the phone up to your face, as if you’re talking to a friend on the phone.

My Personal Rise and Fall of the New Radio

I saw a brief buzz about Anchor on a few business Facebook Groups I’m apart of, and was personally thrilled about the new social media platform! Periscope was something I had really wanted to be apart of when it was trending… but trying to find windows of time to get dressed, put on makeup, find a decent and lengthy amount of silence… yeah. It wasn’t happening. So what could be better than having your voice heard in your PJs?!

The phone is literally IN YO FACE, so excess noise is a minimum. It was so brilliant! But then, in my eyes, it fizzled.

I dunno… I just didn’t get too into trying to find people to watch that actually stuck to the platform. Plus what I had posted started getting fewer and fewer responses. So with my phone memory dwindling, I deleted the app.

Out of sight, out of mind… Until I got onto Twitter March 7th, 2017.

What’s New with Anchor 2.0?

Anchor announced its return with pride, as it should! The creators really took into consideration how creative its users got to customize their recording experiences with sound bites, adding audio clips and sound effects, and more. So, Anchor delivered.

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Anchor 2.0 now allows users to:

  • Add music from Spotify and Apple Music!
  • Applaud! Pat the back of your phone, or tap on the clap emoji to clap it up to the content you’re internally screaming “yaaaas!” to!
  • Call in to converse with listeners. Yay engagement!
  • Add external sound bites or preexisting recordings to new recordings.
  •  Discover and share new stations( or your own!) with its cool story feature!
  • Enjoy its completely new redesign.

All this for a radio innovation?! I mean, ‘nuff said.

Anchor has taken the Periscope approach and lets your recordings live on your station for only 24 hours (of course, you can save them to use for later!). Use this to your advantage if you’re a content creator, or just have something to say! House your recordings after 24 hours somewhere else like Facebook, or save them to use here and there in a paid product if you’ve had call ins with questions you answered. Kinda like the Snapchat Q&As YouTubers do.

Gotta market yourself, though! Let the world know you’re ready to take on radio.But, in a more hip way, of course.

Have you heard of the Anchor radio app before? Would you test out its new and improved version? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!