How Taler B. Gutierrez’s Ideas and Love for Fashion Created 89Storiez


One thing is for certain, when you compare a small business to a much larger entity, the difference in passion is not comparable. Small business owners like Taler B. Gutierrez of 89Storiez, have the ability to offer unique services and products to their customer, with love matched with exclusivity.

Learn how Taler’s growing ecommerce business stands out amongst today’s sea of online stores and how she’s managed to continue growing through her offering of high-end pieces.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with Quirktastic. What inspired you to create 89Storiez?
89Storiez was an idea that had been in my head for years, I just didn’t know how to actually go about it. After seeking help from a few clothing line owners, I was able to bring the idea to life. I was born in the year 1989, and “storiez” is symbolism. Storiez to me means “ideas”. My friends always joke about me having so many ideas in my head that I thought what other name than “idea” or better yet, Storiez!

Since launching, how are your customer responding to your products and your service?
Right now I am getting a pretty good response, especially from men. When initially launching my direction was going to be solely on women, however a friend suggested I try men’s clothing as well. So I sent a unisex piece to someone just to test the waters on social media, and the response was ridiculous. I made the decision to launch the Men’s Wear on April 1st. 

Is this your first ecommerce business? And why did you decide to sell products online versus a physical shop?
This is my first ecommerce business. I chose to sell products online versus a physical shop because everyone loves shopping online. People are on the go nowadays and much rather do things from the comfort of their home and on their laptops/ipads/phones. I wanted to give people the option to shop online. I know what I like as a consumer, so I wanted to bring that to people.

Where do you see 89Storiez in the next 5 years?
I see 89Storiez being huge in the next 5 years. I see 89Storiez expanding and possibly launching household items and more accessories. I see 89Storiez hosting fashion shows, styling celebrities and being a household name. These are my goals for the brand. 

What’s the hardest part about being an entrepreneur and small business owner, especially as a black woman?
The hardest part about being an entrepreneur and small business owner is the support. It is tough to get people to trust in your brand. It’s funny because when I first started 89Storiez, I didn’t want anyone to know the “face behind the brand” which is me of course. Not that I have any issues with anyone it’s just I’ve noticed a lot of time with people in my community and some friends who have small business people tend to not support once they know who it is behind the brand for whatever reason. And as a woman, especially a black woman this is really tough. I personally support and root for any woman, especially a black woman doing something positive, but everyone isn’t like that. 

Having an online store that sells clothes, how does 89Storiez stand out amongst the competition?
The pieces from 89Storiez are handpicked and most of the items are high end items. We have brands from Neiman’s, Nordstroms, Saks, etc. There is literally only one of all of the items on the website so each consumer can be original and an individual. I hate going out and thinking “oh crap I hope no one has this on”, with 89Storiez no one is going to have on your clothes. Also we are launching our Men’s Wear on April 1st which right now there is not a wide range of Men’s vintage fashion for sale.

How do you choose pieces to sell? What types of stories and themes do these pieces bring to 89Storiez?
I try to choose every piece with love. That sounds corny I know, but it’s true. I try to choose pieces that I would wear and pieces I wouldn’t think twice about. I also bring along an extra set of eyes which is my friend Brit. She helps out a lot! The types of stories and themes the pieces bring are to be left up to the individual who purchases the piece. My story is not the same as everyone’s and everyone has their own story to tell. This is why there is only one of every item, so the individual can tell THEIR story. That is what is most important to me, individuality. I want each person to literally bring the piece they order to life however they want. I want them to style it, dress it up, dress it down however they see fit. It’s their story.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned from starting a business from scratch?
You can’t do everything alone. At some point you’ll need help. Also not being afraid to ask for help when needed. 
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