by Keila Dumas

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In a world where everyone is an artist of some sort, Creator, Lamont Howard shows us that actually living in your art is a major key of maintaining your creativity. We all know that as fashion changes and fades, style is eternal. Style can show us more about a person than a conversation, and style can be the first impression that lasts forever.  

Quirktastic had the opportunity to catch up with the Miami native and gain some knowledge behind the man we know as Mr. DeLaMont.

On the influence of Miami and personal style:
LH: The vibrant and cultured city has shaped my personal style tremendously, like the city my style has a chic side as well as a vibrant side. Overall I like being polished but my outfit isn’t complete without a pop of pattern. Miami is a melting pot so the clash of cultures indirectly influences my style aesthetic.

On who keeps him motivated:
LH:My mother motivates me. She constantly reminds me that I am on the right path and that I must follow my dreams even if others don’t see my vision. 

On the two Major Keys of Success that he practices:
LH:Timing and the Law of Attraction.

On this season’s “Must-Haves”:
Shearling Coat
Mini Beanie
Distressed Knits/Sweaters

On staying in the know:
I’m constantly immersed in the conversation of fashion, monitoring ads, magazines, and attending fashion week[s].

On his next moves:
A designer collection from my creative house — follow @Montruh to stay updated.

LaMont is definitely our #MensStyleCrush for the upcoming seasons. We look forward to keeping up with his creative movement and hope you guys take the opportunity to follow him too! 

You can follow LaMont on Facebook (Mister DeLaMont), Twitter/Instagram (@MrDeLaMont), and at