"Mono-brand" Your Way Into A Minimalist Lifestyle: Skincare Edition One


The older I get, the more I appreciate the idea of minimalism. With an abundance of #sponsored Instagram posts on my feed from influencers promoting brands that have been around for what seems like 5 minutes, it can be so tempting to buy products that may or may not work for me.

Recently, I've been taking a break from the trends and trying to decide what works best for me and my daily routine. I'm one of those people that gets "decision fatigue" so going down an aisle in the beauty or hair section without a plan of what products to get is a huge source of anxiety to me. Therefore, I've been practicing a method that I call "mono-branding" in which I find a brand that carries a variety of different products that are relevant to a certain part of my life and I solely buy from their collections instead of mixing and matching with different brands.

One brand that I've loved doing this with is Burt's Bees. Some of you know that Quirktastic is based out of Durham, North Carolina so when I found out that the Burt's Bees headquarters is also located in Durham, I was even more inclined to give them a trial for my mono-branding experiment.  

To get started, I went to their website and saw that there was a Face Care Guide that I could follow to discover the right regimen for my skin.

Y'all (yes, you all), this is usually the failing point for my skin. I've always suffered with both acne and sensitive skin, so I am usually always suggested something that is too abrasive for my sensitive skin or not aggressive enough to do anything for my blemishes. This test actually did a good job at helping me figure out what products I needed to cleanse, treat, moisture and enhance my skin.

Although I deviated some from the products that the guide suggested, it was cool to have a starting point and it also help prevent a potential "product junkie" outcome (i.e. buying all the things). Another thing that I appreciate about Burt's Bees is that they display the percentage of natural ingredients used in each product on their website. As someone who is becoming more intentional about the products that I use (hints the minimalist lifestyle), it was a huge selling point for me.

P.S. The Garden Tomato Toner is becoming my most favorite product ever...and the only other toner I had ever trusted was witch hazel.

P.S. The Garden Tomato Toner is becoming my most favorite product ever...and the only other toner I had ever trusted was witch hazel.

Mono-branding has been a big anxiety reliever for me as I can walk into a store and know exactly what brands that I am buying and be confident in the integrity of the products. Plus, having products from the same company with the same brand makes my bathroom look so  much more organized!

Have you tried mono-branding? If so, how has your experience been?


Note: This post was NOT sponsored; however, even if it were sponsored, the integrity of the story would be the same. Thanks for supporting brands that we love!