“The environment is where we all meet, where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. 
–    Lady Bird Johnson 

Have you been mindful about how you could help our planet today? Well, if not this post is for you and anyone else who is stuck on what exactly they’re supposed to do on Earth Day and beyond. 

The time of reducing, reusing, & recycling waste and feeling accomplished with those acts washed away about 10 years ago when nature entered a state of instability. I’m sure you’ve been woke to how out-of-whack our weather has been the past couple of years, it hasn’t been hard to miss. The general consensus is chemicals, waste, and overall care for the Earth are causing a lot of harm to the environment. 

I totally agree with the theories out there regarding the state of affairs but I offer up another reason as to why things are going awry: our personal energetic fields. I know. It may seem like a reach to say the energy we circulate in our mental, physical, spiritual lives affect the operations on Earth. 

The universe is a sea of energy. In fact, 98% of the universe is energy. Everything existing within it carries some weight in  physical, psychic, or spiritual energy. When any type of energy vibrates at a specific speed, it takes on a shape or form. All of what I’m breaking down can be found in, metaphysics. It’s a discipline focusing on the nature of life in our universe & is a love-child of philosophy, physics, & spirituality. 

The metaphysical nature of our existence should be the focus on this day and days to come. Why? Because there’s no point in reducing, reusing, & recycling physical waste/objects if your energy field is just as toxic. Our greatest gift to the world at this point isn’t following vintage mantras but instead, increasing the amount of awareness we have towards our energy. 

Think about it like this, if everyone put in the work to raise their vibrations in their energy fields imagine what it would feel like to live on Earth! 

Love, is one of the highest frequency in the universe, allowing it to have a greater role in our lives will do wonders for our space & environment. I won’t lie though, taking on a responsibility of this nature can be tricky because of how much we’ve been programmed with fear.

Not all hope is lost though, here’s a list of actions we can all take to raise our vibrations & increase the amount of love in our life on a grand scale. 

●    Meditation
●    Yoga
●    Reconnecting with nature
●    Healthy relationships
●    Increasing self-expression & self-awareness
●    Addressing toxic habits & mindsets
●    Food & diet alterations
●    Being mindful of the music, tv shows, & movies we tune into
●    Opening chakral points 

The goal of adopting these habits isn’t meant to disregard the part of your humanity that falls victim to vices but instead create a balance. If we want to see any change in the world, we have to be realistic about how fast this change will come. None of the benefits will show up overnight but I can definitely say from personal experience – self-discipline in acts of love & care for the greater collective does wonders for mind, body, & spirit and the world around you. 


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