Being someone who’s constantly immersed in all things tech and social media makes me forget just how many cool finds I subconsciously absorb.

Epic finds that make me think, “Oh wow, I wanna share this!” in a brief and fleeting thought.

But not anymore!

Every week I’ll be featuring some quirky creatives, techies, and gadgets that I think are killing the game, as well as some innovative businesses that you should definitely pay attention to. Be prepared to level up your life and expand your knowledge of all of the cool, slightly nerdy things going on online. Get ready to power up!

Creators That We Can’t Get Enough Of – XayLi Barclay

Alright. This week, in the spirit of realizing I kinda sorta need to start implementing video (whether live or pre-recorded) on my online platform because of its epic humanizing factor… I decided to highlight some people who do it right, and XayLi Barclay is one person who’s been camera ready like, yesterday!

I first heard about Barclay through Mattie of Mattieologie (now She gave Barclay a shout out as someone to go to if you wanna know anything about optimized filming. And Mattie made an accurate recommendation!

Barclay has a large archive on Periscope as to why you need to start creating video content now! You can check out what she has to say in her Scopes here.

Want to see her polished, color-poppin’, blog in action? She has both lifestyle content, and how tos for getting visible online available here!

And then her YouTube channel is up and running of course! Here you can learn how to start your own channel, and slay your hair all in one place. =)

Well what’re you waiting for?! Get inspired, and get creating!

Innovative Business Love: Meiko of Meiko and the Dish

I love food. And I loooooove some good food porn.

So how do you think I felt when I discovered Meiko and the Dish’s Instagram account full of not only delicious food I wanted to devour… but also fun videos of food creations?! #blessed

Meiko has been at her full-time food blogging job for a little over a year now, and she’s grown SO much since she’s started! But I mean… could you ever doubt that she’d skyrocket???

Have you seen her crispy fried chicken with molasses pepper jelly drizzle?!

Or her grilled peaches with salted caramel and toffee crumble?! Like… c’mon.

I just absolutely love how everything about her, but also how she’s utilizing Instagram to post her recipes in video form from time to time. Or even cute and fun little food clips!

Meiko has sprinkled her personality in ALL her branding, and it’s food for the soul indeed!

P.S. You’ve gotta check out her merch! She’s added some new things in there since the last time I peeked in her shop! I now officially want more of her apparel, but my emoji heart eyes have always been set on her university food tees! NEED!

Links of the week:

This was a great transition GIF into Links of the week, huh? Fits both worlds: link loves, and food obsessions! This week, there’s no cohesive findings. Just a few fun ones!

●     Electric Hand Warmers. These are great for people who game, type a lot, and craft! There’s also some feet warmers too (no more warming your toes with your overheated laptop charger brick!).

●     A bracelet that makes music when you dance! I linked a Mashable article that led me to discover a bracelet that reacts to what YOU do! Start dancing, and it’ll create music for your movements! You’re in control! Speaking of in-control…

●     Brainwave Cat Ears. These cat ears have some sensory pads that feel your brainwaves, and move like a cat’s would based on their behavior and mood! Why, you may ask? Why the heck not?! I first saw Sharla in Japan use these and thought the results were super interesting! Kinda want my own… Kinda do.

●     Lifesum app. I decided to end this list with something free, and more practical than the other links listed. And it’s this app! The Lifesum app is basically like having a personal health coach on your hip! You fill out the health information about yourself to start, then it’ll give you all these ways to track your food and water intake! Take more quizzes about your lifestyle for it to help chose meal plans for you, and more! There’s recipes, you can save food items you eat quite frequently to make tracking easier, find dietary restrictions… It’s a pretty sleek app that makes health a bit more fun to keep up with.

Who are your favorite online creators?