The mind is a busy place, especially for an entrepreneur. I’ll admit that my mind never stops, whether it be from new ideas popping in my head or from anxiety about what someone said to me earlier that day.  I had always heard of mediation; however, the thought of sitting in one spot in quiet and letting my thoughts take over did not sound appealing to me.

That is, until I discovered guide meditations and self-hypnosis. The constant in both types of thinking is that their is an instructor talking you through the process of organizing your thoughts. As someone with ADHD, sitting quietly will cause my thoughts to ramble as I observe the noised around me; however, guided meditation works well for me.

Okay now, let’s talk about self-hypnosis.

When I first saw that there was a video with “self-hypnosis” in the title, my first instinct was to turn up my nose and keep scrolling because the only hypnosis that I had heard of involved a magician and a pocket watch. Thankfully, I kept my open mind and clicked on the video.  Self-hypnosis is more about visualization than anything and it absolutely worked for me. It helped me gain confidence, stop negative thinking and even confront a toxic situation that I was dealing with.

If you are interested in trying out meditation and self-hypnosis but are not sure where to start, I suggest the guided meditations from BexLife below:

Do you practice meditation and/or self-hypnosis?



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  • Elle

    I do meditate. I like the idea of being able to slow down my mind if only for 10 minutes. I try to do it before bed every night. I’ve never tried hypnosis, but it seems interesting.

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