The Q List: This Week's Top Content From Quirky Creator Of Color (Ed. 1)


Welcome to The Q List, your weekly countdown of the best content from quirky content creators of color from around the web.

Here at Quirktastic, we love building a community for quirky and alternative people of color, while also spotlighting those who are working to change the narrative of what it means to be Black and Brown.

Ready for this week's Top 4 Countdown?

London-based quirky creator, Mimi Missfit, was invited to a secret event for L'OREAL Paris and her vlog of the event was spectacular. Talk about #goals. Make sure to subscribe to her channel.

We had a chance to sit down and talk with everyone's favorite artist and fat unicorn creator, Alana Ladson! We talk about what it's like making friends as a quirky Black woman, how she reaches her target audience and if quirky women can also be considered sexy. What do you think?

Soooo, whether we want to admit it or not, most of us have heard of hentai, which is basically sexual anime (stay with me here). Drew Disaster searched the internet for the worst hentai out there and enlisted her younger cousin to watch them with her. Guys, it's hilarious (and a bit disturbing). Make sure to subscribe to her channel!


And the award for the worst commercial to drop this year goes to....Pepsi. Our homie, MilesJai did not let this expensive embarrassing moment for the company go unscathed. We've all joked about it on social media, but we are so happy that MilesJai made a video to commemorate the time that Pepsi literally tried it.

And there we have it! Thanks so much for tuning in. Who should be on The Q List next week?