Thinking about finally getting that tattoo? Why not go all out and get a super colorful Kawaii tattoo?

We’ve put together a short list of our favorite Kawaii artists that could give you the tattoo that dreams are made of…and they all happen to be badass women of color.

1. Arcissa “Cissa” Jackson-Jacksonville, Florida, United States

About Cissa: “I’m the founder and owner behind Harajuku Tattoo. I was born in Yokosuka, Japan and lived in Japan on and off for 7 years before coming to America. Many of my styles and designs are heavily influenced by my background as an Afro-Asian(Blasian).

With 3 tattoo apprenticeships and a background as an art teacher for the Boys and Girls club, I’ve been cultivating my passion for design for many years. Here at Harajuku Tattoo I am the lead Art Bae and 3rd year tattooist at what I hope will be one of the most innovative and iridescent tattoo establisments to ever debut.”

Her Work- Follow on Instagram

2. Imani K Brown- DMV Area (United States)

About Imani: Imani K. Brown is an international tattoo artist and an illustrator native to Washington, DC. In her over 10 years of working in the industry Imani has taken time to become a well-rounded tattoo artist, proficient in a number of fine line styles, including Japanese-inspired and lacework for melanin skin.

Now she is in charge of her dream creative studio and kawaii culture hub, Little INKPLAY Shop, devoted to put to good use her achievements by encouraging other urban youth, like herself, to diligently follow their creative dreams and passions.

Her work- Follow on Instagram

3. Laura Anunnaki– Mexico and Tokyo (currently only booking in Tokyo) 

Her work- Follow on Instagram

Looks like it’s time to get on a plane. What will your next tattoo be? Would you ever get a Kawaii tattoo?



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  • PurplePixie69

    For anyone who likes this post, I’ve gotta recommend my local Kawaii Tattoo Artist, Alexis S. Haskett from Cincinnati Tattoo & Piercing. She is amazing (and also mixed 😊💜)

    • Alic

      Is that on Glenway?

  • Vulpine

    Alexis at Cincinnati Tattoo is amazing. Her talent knows no bounds! SHE NEEDS RECOGNITION TOO!!! SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL WITH BEAUTIFUL VISION VIBES!!🌈🌸🔥✨🍃🦋🦄

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