Jaden Smith Leads By Example in A Brave New World


Forever the poster child for the alternative black kids of the world, Jaden Smith is always pushing the envelope of what it means to be Black in today's society and we absolutely love it. 

Smith's recently cover and feature with Estella Boersma by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia January 2017 captures a surrealism that is similar to the dystopian, science fiction novel written by Aldous Hexley called Brave New World. Coincidence perhaps; however, I can't help but find similarities between Jaden and the main character Bernard Marx.

Bernard is described as a misfit and in this utopian/dystopian society, he is ultimately banned for his non-conformist ways. While our society, at least in most cultures, isn't quite as strict enough to force a geographical ban for being different, a case could be argued for a sociological banning within a community when members go outside of the norm.

Jaden has long been scrutinized for eclectic friends, distinct hairstyles and even sometimes "femine" attire, so much so that his "blackness" is always in jeopardy in the hands of the majority Black community. Through everything; however, he has managed to stay true to himself, even with the trying self-identity years of young adulthood working against him. If that isn't bravery, strength and masculinity, then we must not speak the same language.

I say all of this to hopefully ward off the negative comments that are destined to come from Jaden simply being himself. Already, comments on other platforms and forums have surfaced criticizing Jaden's appearance and that of his co-model. Even through this modern self-love movement, a lot of people are really saying, "love yourself and be yourself, unless your self makes me feel uncomfortable." 

Gratefully, Jaden seems to have developed a shield that blocks out the hate, and is able to press on through his creative endeavors. With his clothing line MSFTSrepulic succeeding (pictured above in his Vogue Italia shoot) and his new music being produce, it seems as if Smith has no intentions of slowing down.

Make sure to check out his video for his song "Fallen" below: