I’ve made all the right decisions, but I’m starting to feel that the right decisions may have been the wrong ones. I’ve planned my way into a perfect life, but lost myself along the way. It feels like someone else is writing the ending for me and it’s wrong…

Harry Potter fan fiction lovers, rejoice! Hermione Granger has come back just in time to guide us through a mid-life crisis. Many of us are dealing with relationship drama, pressures to create a life similar to an archaic ideal, and Hermoine is no different.

Webseries creator and director, Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael, takes us on journey to discover what happened to Hermione after the credits stopped rolling.

The Trailer

The Plot

Hermione Jean Granger, famed war heroine and brains of the “golden trio,” needs to get free from the “perfect” life she’s established for herself: a life she’s not sure that she even wants. She escapes to Los Angeles to spend some time saying yes to herself and figuring out just what the hell it is she’s missing.  We ask the question “What happens when Hermione writes her own ending?”

Now 25, Hermione has broken up with her long-time boyfriend, Ron Weasley, and comes to Los Angeles where she meets up with some old friends from Hogwarts. Parvati Patel has grown to be quite the “it girl” as a well-known and well-off fashion columnist taking LA by storm.

Draco Malfoy has definitely done some growing up, but Draco will always be Draco.  We also get to make some new friends. Juniper, Parvati’s roommate, is a quirky, computer enthusiast witch who trained at Ilvermorny. LaQuita Granger, Hermione’s cousin, is a spitfire Muggle who is getting the opportunity to reconnect with her cousin after many years apart.  And of course, you can’t have a group of girls without a love interest or two.  Kang Tae Joon, an Ilvermorny trained wizard, is a good-looking, professional Quidditch player.  A few years ahead of Hermione in school was, Ravenclaw, Ben Brahm, a charismatic scientist, who also wound up in LA.

The four girls — Hermione, LaQuita, Parvati and Juniper — make up a Girl Squad for the ages.

Check out the first episode below: 

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