Jasmyn Lawson's GIFs Literally Do It For The Culture


If you’re familiar with this GIF from The Real Housewives of Atlanta then you need to know exactly who Jasmyn Lawson is.

Jasmyn Lawson is most likely responsible for some of your favorite gifs. She’s held the Culture Editor position at Giphy since May 2016. You’re more than welcome to check her LinkedIn profile for the nitty gritty details of her job but here’s the simple version: she’s keeping up with the most popular trends and waiting to turn perfect moments into gifs.

Jasmyn is among the ranks of prominent black women doing tons of work for the community. Look around...women (particularly black women) ARE culture. Black women curate, cultivate, and contribute to culture each and every day. Jasmyn is no exception. She told Nylon, “There are moments that happen on the internet where I just know people are going to search for related GIFs, and I want to make sure [Giphy] can provide.”

Jasmyn’s passion for the entertainment industry began at an early age. Television was a staple part of her life. In an interview with Cosmo she shed some light on her upbringing and how growing up a tv kid led her to the right major after receiving her Spelman acceptance letter. Even though Spelman did not have a broadcast journalism program, Jasmyn knew that end goal was working in media. A few years later and Jasmyn had interned and worked for places like Turner (Cartoon Network), NBCUniversal, and Showtime.

In addition to television, the internet helped get Jasmyn to the place she is today. While speaking to Essence, she mentioned the mid to late 2000s, the days of Black Planet, Myspace, and Xanga when people spent hours teaching themselves how to use HTML and how to make cute characters rain from the top of a webpage. After working for Glow Digital Agency as a Project Manager for a year she amassed all the necessary skills to transition to Jasmyn Lawson, Culture Editor at Giphy.

Jasmyn is truly an inspiration to us all. To keep up with what she’s got going on, search her name on Giphy and follow her on Twitter to see her newest additions to Giphy!