Issa Rae's GIANTS Provides Tips for 'Winning The Day'


Ms. Issa, Ms. Issa...Once again I’m SHOOK. Ending 2016 with Insecure and starting 2017 with Giants I have to wonder if Issa Rae has time to sleep?

Issa Rae teamed up with writer & director, James Bland and executive producer, Jussie Smollett, of Empire, to make this project. The web series tells the stories of three millennials of color attempting to pick up the pieces after life came crashing down. In typical Issa Rae fashion she allows mental health, police brutality, and homophobia to be addressed to provide stimulating conversation among her audience.

Journee, Malachi, and Ade may have some tough times but their friendship is unshakable. They keep each other grounded and offer support when it’s most needed to ‘win the day’.

It’s not an Issa Rae production without a poppin’ soundtrack. The tunes are flawless from the first episode to the last.

We are anxiously awaiting whatever else Issa has up her sleeve. Please continue making quality content for us (and get some rest too)!

GIANTS Trailer

GIANTS Episode 1

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