How Much Does It Cost To Run Quirktastic Media?


Last week, I did a post on how I plan to monetize Quirktastic to a full-time income of over $11,000 each month. A lot of you emailed me and were amazed at how detailed it was, and that you learned about some cool opportunities to monetize that you never knew existed. I'm pretty much an open book, as I love to see other succeed and I'm also not a bullsh*tter, so you can believe that what I tell you is as real as it gets.

Therefore, I wanted to do a follow up post to let you guys know how much I am currently spending to keep Quirktastic Media up and running. I don't want you guys to think that it is all profit and I also want you guys to know what tools I am investing in to grow the company.

Click here for the full expense report for Quirktastic Media.

What do you think? Was it more or less than what you expected? What tools do you plan to use to grow your business?