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As a millennial who is also a creative, the topic of dating can be very interesting. If we need time to create, how do we find time to also get to know someone? Is dating while being a creator possible? Or better yet, is it conducive? This week we are here to share that although it may be hard, it is definitely doable. 

This week, we get to hear from Vernon Mitchell of He’s a multi-talented Creative Entrepreneur living on the West Coast and using his blog to share his love and experience in the arts. He even said art was “better than gym” y’all, so you know it’s real. 

Vernon also took the time to talk to us about dating while creating, and dropped some awesome advice that definitely came right on time. 

On being an introvert or extrovert:
VM: I’m definitely more of an introvert, preferably. I can be an extroverted as well and don’t mind creating around others. 

On dating another creator versus a 9-5’er:
VM: I wouldn’t want to limit my opportunities, so I could see myself dating someone who works a 9-5 or as a creative. finding a creative person would be a huge plus for me. I would actually love to date someone in my field who blogs, especially about fashion and style. Having that in common would be a huge bonus for me. We could accomplish so much together, we’d definitely be a force to reckon with, lol.

On the challenges of dating while creating:
VM: I found it hard balancing both blogging and dating on a regular and found myself not being consistent because I liked to give a lot of my time and attention to the person I was interested in. It was definitely a learning experience for me because I hadn’t had much dating experience.

On the importance of making time for people:
VM: Making time for others is very important to me, but I had to learn to balance time for myself as well. I learned that I have to take care of myself first before I could give valuable time to anyone else.

On his ideal first date:
VM: My ideal first date is doing an activity that allows me to talk to you. There is nothing more important to me that getting to know the other person and seeing what you’re getting yourself into. Are they crazy? Do they have their head on straight? Of course, you can’t know all that on the first date but I enjoy talking, knowing as much as I possibly can about the other individual.

On dating yourself:
VM: I like to get in my car, hop on the bus or train, plug in my iPod and just explore alone. I also like to check out a movie or do some shopping alone as well.

(photo cred: @jeimonroe)
(photo cred: @jeimonroe)

Advice to other bloggers: 
VM: Write down and stick with a blogging schedule if you haven’t already and stick to it no matter what. Time management is important. Schedule it during the week, for example, and leave a day or two for social gatherings/me time. Of course, in between all that, post on the go type of posts that don’t require a lot of attention.

We had an awesome time with Vernon, and want you to follow him on Twitter/Instagram @VernonsBlog and check out his website, .