On June 19, 2017, it was publicly announced that Korean pop duo, CoCo Avenue plan to disband in July 2017, with their last performance being on July 13th at Hallyu Nights.

Coco Avenue was a duo made up of two talented young women, Jenny Lyric and Jenna Rose who have been making strides in K-HipHop/K-R&B since 2012. In 2014, Jenny and Jenna decided to move to LA to continue pursuing their musical aspirations.

 On April 9th they released a sultry new single titled ‘Eottae (How’s That)’. I’ve played the video no less than 20 times this week during my lunch breaks.

Luckily, we had a chance to sit down with Jenny and Jenna last month before the disbandment was publicly announced.

Q: What inspired the visuals for your new single, ‘Eottae’?

Jenna: The song is obviously a very sexy song, and while I wanted the video to be sexy, it needed to be classy. So the use of our friends dancing, our clothes, the location, the colors…  I wanted it all to feel elegant, and for the sexy part to be understated. Hopefully that came across.

Q: It definitely did. I love how the visuals complement the song (even though I can’t understand Korean haha). How long did it take you to learn Korean? Is singing/rapping harder than speaking colloquially?

 Jenny: We have both been studying for a few years and are still in the process of learning. For me, it’s a lot easier to sing in Korean than speak

Q: What are your favorite parts about making K-HipHop/K-R&B music?

Jenna: Being able to express frustrations with the industry in the language they understand. And also, the shock value of it. No one expects two Black women to be singing or rapping in Korean. It’s always nice to surprise people.

Q: I hear that! Making big moves is a part of growth. How has moving to Los Angeles to further your music career taken a toll on you? How has it helped you grow?

Jenny: I feel like moving to LA has made us a lot less naive. We moved here thinking things would be sunshine and rainbows but we quickly found that we would have to work hard to get where we wanted to be. We’ve encountered so many people in the “industry” that claim they want to help us but fall through. This has caused me to become extremely skeptical of others and put more effort in learning about the music business so that we are able to do everything for ourselves.  

 Q: Whew. Ain’t that a word?! Are your families been supportive of your ambitions?

 Jenny: My family isn’t necessarily un-supportive, but they are very vocal about wanting me to go back home to St. Louis because they miss me.

 Jenna: My family has always been incredibly supportive. My mother is always sharing my videos on Facebook and my father always compliments the music while also reminding me that he has no idea what it means, haha! My sister is a dancer, and she’s so supportive that she choreographs to our music! So yeah, it’s all love with my family.

Q: Here at Quirktastic we are all about embracing our quirks and the things that make us unique. What are some of your favorite quirks that you don’t mind sharing with us?

 Jenny: Not sure if it counts as a quirk, but I am double jointed in my shoulders and can jump rope with my arms. I feel like this could be put to good use if I was a bone breaker dancer!

Jenna: I only eat green fruit. No bananas, strawberries, oranges, nothing that’s not green. It drives anyone trying to feed me crazy.

While the duo plans to disband, make sure to follow Jenny and Jenna on their personal social media pages.