Quirky Tech Talk: The "Hot Off the Press" Edition


You ready for your regular dose of Nerd-Out Goodness?! Let's go!

Being someone who’s constantly immersed in all things tech and social media makes me forget just how many cool finds I subconsciously absorb. Epic finds that make me think, “Oh wow, I wanna share this!” in a brief and fleeting thought. But not anymore!

Every month I'll be featuring some quirky creatives, techies, and gadgets that I think are killing the game, as well as some innovative businesses that you should definitely pay attention to. Be prepared to level up your life and expand your knowledge of all of the cool, slightly nerdy things going on online. Get ready to power up!

Creators That We Can't Get Enough Of - Ev Petgrave: Founder, Editor, and Creative Director of Citrine Magazine

I’ve been really missing quality magazines lately. The beautiful layouts, gorgeous on-brand photography, and intriguing articles! So until I can get my hands on an i-D magazine, I’ve been on the hunt for digital publications (which feels like they’ve been on the rise!).

I found out about Citrine  Magazine last year while looking for writing gigs and fell in love with the direction that Ev Petgrave wanted to go with her digital publication. She has created an online magazine that caters to self-identifying Black women and femmes, and shares ear-perking stories about business, tech, culture, and art.

Petgrave isn’t the only mind behind Citrine.

Makeda Sandford is Citrine Magazine’s Art Director, and the gorgeous photography used in the magazine is by Mark Aghatise. The articles all across the website are written by all sorts of wonderful writers with stories to share.

Photo Credit: Dante X. Bond

Photo Credit: Dante X. Bond

Some stories I thought were interesting reads were From Side Hustle to Self-Employment by Karmen Cook, Dante Bond’s Seat at the Table by ev petgrave (interview), and Hyper-Visibility and Erasure in Buenos Aires by Sierra Boone.

In case you run out of content to read, check out some of the writer’s other work after reading their bio!

Innovative Business Love: JET Magazine is Returning with Millennials in Mind! Wanna Write for ‘Em?

Remember JET magazine? The tiny, Black-empowering, magazine you probably remember your parents owning? Or over at your grandparents’ house sprawled across the living room table?

Well in 2016, Linda Johnson Rice sold Ebony Magazine and now digital-only JET Magazine after a 71-year run. And JET’s returning, still black-owned, and with millennials in mind (Wanna catch up on this news? Read NPR’s article here.)! They’re looking to renovate its target audience and content a bit and pull some millennial writers on board for fresh, hot, and zesty new content!

You can follow their refresh and relaunch hype on Twitter, and/or have a chance to pitch your writing to Tracy Ferguson. Here’s one of her many tweets in late February she’s posted asking for millennial writers!

Links of the week:

This week I wanted to continue the theme of writing, typing, and publishing, but in the form of tech (duh!). It’s time to geek-out over some neat links for anyone ready to write their next blog post, published book, or even school essay!

  • Hemingway Editor. It’s basically a personal editor for your writing. It’ll mark color-coded highlights on your text to tell you if you’ve written runon sentences, what reading level your writing is, tell you to omit unnecessary adverbs, and more! *cues angelic singing*


  • Grammarly Grammar-Checker. This grammar-checker is a Godsend. Once you install this app, it checks your grammar on practically any typing platform you write on. Super handy when writing an email or blog post or… anything else, actually! It catches so much!


  • Z Type: The Typing Practice Shooting Game. I found this game on Tumblr years ago and LOVE it! They have it as a desktop version, and it’s also available for iOS (not sure about Android, go ahead and check!). Words come down to shoot/overtake your ship and to eliminate them, you have to type out each of the enemy words entirely for them to explode. The graphics and soundtrack are so enticing! Literally draws me in every time I play it.


  • Write or Die 2. Are you good at working under pressure? Do you like options for your suffering? Well look no further! Write or Die is a desktop and mobile app that allows you to set how many words you wanna write, how how long you wanna write for, and how you wanna be punished for stopping. You can have an annoying tune play if you stop, or even your already typed words will start to disappear if you stall too long. You can try it free or buy this tough love productivity writing app. Pick your poison.


  • The Most Dangerous Writing App. Like your punishments a little more minimalistic? Write during the time limit, or lose all your work. Simple and painless.


  • Looking for writing gigs? Check out @writersofcolor on Twitter! This account has soooooo many writing opportunities! It’s how I found out about JET Magazine looking for millennial writers. Check it out for yourself, add ‘em to your Twitter list, or even turn on their notification to keep up-to-date on what’s newly available for writers ready to work!

Who are your favorite content creators?