How I Plan To Monetize Quirktastic Full Time


About a month ago, I posted on Instagram that I didn't want to stay at my job anymore. That being said, I'm not one of those people who can just quit there job at any moment because I have a good amount of debt, employees to pay out and I crave stability.

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Therefore, here is the monetization plan that I am putting in to action to provide the stability that I need every month, along with how much I expect to make from each source:

Click to view the full breakdown summary of how I plan to make up to $11,680 before taxes by viewing our Patreon page.

P.S. I know that right now, you may be feeling tricked and bamboozled that you have to go to our Patreon page to get this information. You probably rolled your eyes a little bit and maybe made that sucking noise with your teeth. I get it.

Just know that it is worth it. If I am willing to give all of this away for free, just imagine how much detail I'm providing in this article.