Female-Ran Indie Music Tour Kicks off Their Spring Live Music Series in Philadelphia


With independent artists like Chance The Rapper dominating the charts and creating a new lane for artists, indie music tour creator Joanna is finding her footing in the male dominated concert promotions world, breaking the mold, and creating the next wave for live music series. We introduce you to LOUD.

What is the LOUD Music Tour?
LOUD is an indie music tour that provides a platform for artists across the US to tour in cities on the east coast. LOUD started in Philadelphia as a senior project concert for Drexel University students 4 years ago.  Since then we have become a multi genre indie music tour. We’ve put on stages in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta for A3C Music Festival and Austin, TX during SXSW.

What Makes LOUD Different?
Joanna, along with entertainment writer and creative director Laik C. handpick the talent for the stages based on artistry, work ethic, lyrical content, and stage presence.  We only work with artists we believe in. LOUD is an opportunity to flex incredible A&R skills and create influence and taste.  LOUD is strictly for the culture, funded in house by a regular 9-5 and part time Uber driving. 

“We’re in the business of breaking new artists”, says Joanna, LOUD creator.  “A$AP Ferg headlined our first major stage in Atlanta right after the Work remix dropped.  This past year we were the first to bring J Cole’s newest artist JID to New York City.  Another noteworthy artist from that show is Anik Khan.  His newest record “Columbus” in response to Trump’s Muslim Ban made a lot of noise in the hip hop world.  There’s a sense of pride you get from seeing artists that hit your stage, take off months later in a major way. 

A$AP Ferg at A3C

A$AP Ferg at A3C

It’s important for artists and influencers to have a voice.  For decades, the “suits” have dictated our music and our culture.  In some cases, creating celebrity artists and brands that don’t properly represent black culture and music.  Too many amazing independent artists are over looked or have limited reach due to lack of radio play budgets and funds to tour.  LOUD’s aim is to help artists we believe in Live Out Ur Dream (LOUD).

Joanna in the studio

Joanna in the studio

Feels + Volumes Live Music Series
LOUD begins its spring show series Feels + Volumes in Philadelphia Saturday March 25th, followed by Baltimore Saturday April 8th.  The multigene lineup includes Baltimore singer/songwriters Bobbi Rush, Wayne Wilson and Josh Stokes.  Philadelphia singer/songwriters Suzann Christine and Beano.  Alternative/Soul band The Hvddle and Philadelphia MC AIME. 


For more information on the Feels + Volumes series visit loudmusicbrand.com

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