HOODED Hopes To Tear Down The Stereotype That Led To The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin


19-year-old artist, Myles Loftin, was scrolling through his Twitter feed and came across a tweet that displayed the results of a Google search of the words, "four black teens" and "four white teens." The search results for white teens were stock photos of white teenagers smiling, attending high school, and posing together. The results for black teens were mostly mugshots, a "WANTED" sign, and photos of black teens in police custody. "It wasn't entirely shocking to me," explains Loftin to Creators, "I wanted to know why I couldn't find many images of positive portrayals of black teens." 

Loftin used this as motivation to produce his video and photo series HOODED, a tribute to Trayvon Martin who was gunned down after being described as a black male wearing a hoodie.

We are in love with the project and are in full support of positive images of Black Men.

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