Black People In Tech That You Should Know


I’ve been starry-eyed lately, and it’s all because of Black creatives! Like literally, whenever I hear about a Black millennial thriving in success I’m like:

But have you ever considered people in tech to be creatives? Well they can be! Check out these innovative Black peeps in tech and prepare to be starry-eyed:

Kaya Thomas, Creator of the We Read Too App

Kaya Thomas is a senior studying computer science at Dartmouth college. She maaaaay have also created We Read Too, an app that curates books by authors of color.Along with being a student and an iOS app developer, this young wonder woman is also a writer! And did I mention that she co-founded a STEM camp for girls in high school! (She was also honored by Michelle Obama!)

You can read her about page here, which of course is built on GitHub (a site used by developers to code for fun, and to build and/or house portfolio pieces). And for double the discovery, you can check out the interview she did with Heben and Tracy (two hilarious and informative Black women with amazing chemistry) of Buzzfeed’s Another Round. It’s how I first discovered her!

Erica Joy Baker, An Advocate For Inclusion and Diversity in the Tech Industry

Erica Joy Baker speaks out about the lack of inclusion and diversity in the tech industry no matter how she may be brushed off by big corporations. Nothing silents her (thank goodness), so she’s takes to writing online essays on Medium and chats about these race frustrations and issues on Twitter.

 Luckily, she now works under Slack (an interactive messaging application nifty for small online businesses and more) whose CEO has given her the freedom to spend 20% of her time advocating for people of color in the tech field.

 Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Co-Founder of Andela

Africa is considered one of the biggest locations with underground talent that has yet to be showcased, so Andela was born! Andela is a site that links up Africa’s best web developers with people who need them all around the world. Can you say, #SlayTheSuccess?! Learn more about Aboyeji here.

Christopher King, CEO of We Are Marcus

Black boys and young men need mentors in the world we live in, and the one-on-one mentorships aren’t enough in such a little amount of time. Insert We Are Marcus, a virtual mentoring program with speakers that talk to/resonate with groups rather than one person at a time. Learn more about King here.

 Luna Malbroux, Chief Equality Officer of EquiTable

Everyone knows that splitting the bill can be… frustrating. Especially when you didn't eat a lick of the appetizers, and your table has a wage gap... cause privilege. Luna Malbroux co-created the Comedy Hack Day 10 winning app called EquiTable to stop the madness!

I would link to the app, but I can't find a working link (apparently this link used to work). Probably because it caused a lot of controversy when it comes to dividing the cost of dinner based on your race and gender.

If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around this, or are even remotely curious to learn more about the app that won an award made for comedy and tech/development, here's their “commercial” for the app in question.

This is the era of tech innovation so I know there’s way more people out there doing big things!

Do you have anyone else you’d add to the list? Find any of theses techie’s inventions interesting? Let me know in the comments!