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Our longtime obsession with Proper Gnar has recently intensified with the new board additions to their online shop.

Proper Gnar is a female fronted contemporary streetwear brand focusing on skateboarding and femme power. Proper Gnar attracks people who are edgy, eccentric, and fashion forward.


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From Proper Gnar founder, Latosha Stone:

“Not happy with the selection for women when it came to streetwear, I set out to create hand drawn designs and bold statement pieces that can easily transform and keep you looking original, whether you are cruising the street on your board, hanging with your friends, or having a night out on the town.

Also, very few women skateboarders get the sponsors, attention, and support they deserve. I want to change that. I sponsor a small, buy growing all girl skate team and hold skate contests and meet ups.”

They also have amazing clothes geared towards skating femmes.

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Propergnar.com Photo by @britnerene model @cupcake_productions

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💜💜🔥 Propergnar.com

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Are you just as obsessed as we are? Make sure to support Proper Gnar and to follow them on Instagram.

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