If you are currently trying to figure out how to stay organized with your online platform while juggling a full time job or if you are wondering why your team isn’t working out the way you wanted to, these two tools are definitely worth trying out.

1. Asana

For those who aren’t familiar with Asana, it is a project management tool for teams. It allows you to assign tasks to team members and will automatically send deadlines via email without you having to. One tip that I have for those who want to work contributing writers without giving access to your site, you can have the contributors upload their documents directly to Asana. That way, you aren’t hunting through your email or Google Docs when it comes to scheduling your posts. You can also change the assignment from the contributor to yourself after they submit, therefore you will be send reminders on when to schedule the post!

2. ViralTag

If you are tired of having to keep up with posting your social media in real time or are tired of having to upload content into your schedule after your post batch is up, you absolutely need to try out ViralTag. ViralTag allows you to keep content saved as “Evergreen Content” and will recycle your posts in a queue based on the schedule you set. This alone saves me so much time and helps bring in a majority of the traffic to Quirktastic.co.

Originally, I was using a similar scheduler that recycles content; however, I made the switch to ViralTag because it is only $29/month for the individual plan and allows you to schedule on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (yessss!), Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Scheduling on ViralTag is also extremely easy. They keep up with all of the changes that the various social media channels make so it is also awesome for staying ahead of the game.

Another feature that I really appreciate is how prompt the customer service is. There is a little chat window in the corner of your schedule that allows you to get in touch with a customer service person easily (and everyone that I’ve talked to has been so helpful and nice!).

I also just found out while writing this post that they have an affiliate program that gives you commission for everyone who signs up using your link (so yes, this next link will be an affiliate link, because…bills). If you want to sign up for a free trial of ViralTag, click here!

Do you currently work a full-time job outside of your online business? Have you considered using automation tools for your online business? 

*Disclaimer: So far I’ve been using ViralTag on a free trial; however, all opinions are my own. When the trial is over, we definitely plan to continue using it!



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  • Apoorva

    Glad you’re liking Viraltag! Love the review 🙂 – Apoorva (Customer Success & Marketing @ Viraltag)

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