Our Favorite Videos From The Alternative Black Girl Tag


A few months ago, some of our favorite alternative black girls on the internet took to YouTube and created the Alternative Black Girl Tag. Let me tell you, this is SO necessary. 

Nowadays it is becoming more acceptable to be quirky, awkward and different; however, many alternative black people still live with the childhood torment that they received for being Black and quirky. Whether it was being called an "oreo" or being told that we weren't Black enough, alternative Black people have all been down a long road of the quest for self-identification.

The tag asks questions about handling judgment and pulling inspiration while being different. The lovely ladies below have shared their truths about what it's been like being an alternative black girl.


I created this tag to celebrate the eclectic, eccentric, free spirits, and alternative black girls on youtube. I love ALL alternative people regardless of race, but there isn't a tag like this on YT, so I had to make one!






Would you consider yourself an alternative black girl? If so, how have you worked towards developing your self-identity?