Dear imaginative builder,

As I see you walk up to the cash register with your hundreds of dollars worth of Legos tucked underneath your arms, I wonder what thoughts are racing through your mind.

I see the cashier give a confused looked as you unload your items onto the register. Are you wondering if you should awkwardly tell her that the Legos are a gift for your little cousin or have you reached the point where you can confidently look her in the eyes and tell her your true intentions? I’m hoping it’s the latter, as there is nothing to be ashamed of.

I’m sure that people have told you that you need to grow up and stop playing with toys, making snap judgments about your maturity and character. I’m sure that there have been times that you have considered giving Legos up to be more “like other guys”.

In the words of Drake, “don’t do it. Please don’t do it.”

There is something magical about a man who decides to drop a few Benjamins on a few collector’s sets of Legos as opposed to spending that same money on the latest fashion sneaker. It is even more inspiring when that man is a Black man, who is consistently at battle with generations of toxic masculinity.

Society tells a Black man that he has to be strong, must carry himself with a certain machismo, never show his vulnerability and that his value is measured by the thickness of his wallet and the length between his legs. Therefore, it is so special when you come across a Black man that let’s these societal expectations bounce off of his shoulders and says, “I really don’t care about any of that. I just like playing with Legos…”

People act like being a man who plays with Legos and being a functional member of society are mutually exclusive. I’m sure that when you are not building, you are an interesting person to talk to and will probably throw down when your favorite song comes on at a concert.

Some people might not understand why you collect Legos, but I feel like I get it. Of course, I’m sure that they make you reminiscent of childhood, but they are also reminiscent of eras of the most impactful movies to our society. Plus, building is fun. Out of all of the mind-numbing/mind-stimulating activities out there, brick building is probably the safest. It’s crazy that people will try to clown you and discourage you from building Legos, but will encourage you if you drink or smoke.

In other words, thank you for staying true to who are and what you like. Thank you for providing positive inspiration to the next generation of Black men. Plus, with all of the building you do, I’m sure that you are good with your hands…

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  • B. Reilly

    Great article. I used to feel less than when I noticed other black men’s interests differing from mine, but as recently as my mid-to-late-20’s I decided to let my freak flag fly and I’m glad I’ve gotten more comfortable with it as people understand my love for LEGO and support my interest as much as they can.

    Nice touch on that last paragraph, too….🤗

  • Ron G

    I see what you did there 😉

    I am lucky my husband and friends allow me to be. Perks of being a really good friend.

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