Cosplay Adventures: Valkyrie High in Barbados


Are you as excited for BlerDCon as we are? As the Quirktastic team gets ready for the first annual BlerDCon, we are scouring Instagram for our favorite cosplayers of color.

I am geeking out so much by this group cosplay photo shoot that these amazing cosplayers came together to do.

“The cosplay ladies in Barbados came together and created Valkyrie High. Valkyrie High is a boarding school accepting female cosplay students. The precise location of said school is unknown to those who don’t receive a letter. Valkyrie High only accepts the strong, the motivated and the talented.
There are three houses
House Phoenix
House Pegasus
House Siren”

Cosplayers: Shasam Cosplay Misu Mas Cosplay Lady Mandy Cosplay The Horizon Empress ZinghaKosmic Cosplay Naomin Doll - なおみんドールVeena Lee Cosplay

Photography: Professor Lens Cosplay Photography

Sigil: Ridd-Li

See the full album here and make sure to follow all of the cosplayers above! We’ll see you at BlendDCon June 30 - July 2, 2017? Get your tickets today!