Our Favorite Raps From The Made Up People in Darius Benson's Mind


If you can recall the nostalgic days of Vine, MrLegenDarius, or Darius Benson probably looks very familiar.

This 6'4" 20-something dominated the six second video platform and has since them built his following on YouTube, producing short comedy skits. My favorite videos are the ones that include raps and freestyles from the various characters that Benson creates in his head. Whether it's Dad trying to lecture, a nerd that can secretly  spit hot fire or everyone's favorite, Franklin, Benson has everyone dropping bars.

Dad Lecture Raps

The Nerd Freestyle

Franklin Raps

So now for the real question, Darius....when can we expect a mixtape? Make sure to follow Darius Benson on YouTube and Instagram (and ask him about that mixtape).

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