How The Editor-in-Chief of Quirktastic Really Feels About Taking Pictures


There are some people who are just born for the camera...

...and apparently the editor-in-chief isn't one of those people. As fun, laid-back and sweet as she is, Bryanda just cannot stay serious throughout a whole photo shoot. You all see the polished, finished product; however, our photographer, Joshua, has to struggle to get frames that we can actually use.

I get really nervous sometimes when I’m put in front of a camera at first, but then I open up and I can’t stop random dancing. I really can’t help it. Sorry Joshua, you are going to just have to deal with it.
— Bryanda Law

We went through some of the discarded frames from past photo shoots and rounded up our favorite Bryanda Random Dancing Moments. Let's take a look, shall we?


When asked how she felt about this post being written, this was basically her response:

Have a great week, everyone!