Whether you’re the only vegan at the holiday parties this year, or you’re trying to incorporate more plants in your meaty diet…

I’ve found 19+ vegan food porn pics (and recipes!) that will make any stomach rumble!

And with #WorldVeganDay only a few days behind us, I have a few IG accounts to show you that have pulled out all the stops!

You can click on each image to be taken directly to the Instagram post for more information on each picture! #YoureWelcome


Jenné Claiborne is the driving force behind her vegan brand, Sweet Potato Soul. A recent LA transplant, she’s making big moves as she expands her brand, kindness, and energetic light to the world… aaaand through her vegan soul food cookbook coming out early next year!


Haile Thomas may be young, but she’s kicking butt in the vegan world! As a 16-year-old health activist, and CEO of thehappyorg… Haile making an impact with more than just her food!

But you can check out all of her recipes here, if that’s what you’re into. 😉


Ally is EVERYTHING! The aesthetic she leaves on her IG page with her vegan lifestyle and just being herself makes me aspire to do better in life.

In way more ways than one! Definitely, check out what she’s up to!


Woot! Go, Shay!

I’m proud of Shay and what she’s accomplished and transformed into over the years! While working on getting healthier in her life, she transitioned into veganism, then enrolled into culinary school.

She’s locally based in my city, Indianapolis, and her vegan specialties are comfort and junk food done right! Check out her recipes here!


Alright alright… so these aren’t really Fall inspired recipes, but while I was looking for vegan Fall foods from these vegans…

I simply HAD to add these bonus finds to this list!

Which dish would you sink your teeth into first? Would any of you meat-eaters try some of these out? Chat about it on our Facebook page!