Blerds Who Brunch

Imagine an event where you can meet with fellow people of color, talk about comic books, tech, science,  and listen to music all while enjoying a boozy brunch. 

Blerds Who Brunch is a traveling brunch series put on by Quirktastic Media for quirky and nerdy people of color. We felt that this event was necessary to provide dialogue for those who may not find their interests trending on #BlackTwitter. Plus, what blerd doesn’t like brunch?

Catch us in your city and join us for buffet-style brunch, endless brunch cocktails, a table side discussion about “blerd culture” and giveaways from your favorite shops, including The Quirk Shop.

Blerds Who Brunch (Durham, 2017)

Blerds Who Brunch (ATL, 2017)

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